Dear Nigerian workers, today is your day and I celebrate you. You work so hard throughout the year, please take the time to rest today, then go out, take your favourite meal/drink responsibly, pat yourselves on the back and say: “I am doing well”.

    You are indeed doing well. It is just terribly sad that you have to cope with the pains of insecurity, high cost of living, unemployment, poverty, unfair Labour practices and other frustrating situations across the country. Yet, inspite of all of these challenges, you continue to strive to contribute your quota to the development of society! You brave the harsh climes and trudge on bravely! I do not know where you get the courage!


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    Colleagues who are members of ASUU, how do you do it? I understand you have not been paid for months!

    Colleagues in the civil service of some States, I also gather you have not received your salaries for some time! This is terribly sad! How do you cope with the high cost of living?

    As another May 1 comes by, I celebrate your courage, I celebrate your bravery! I also encourage you not to give up on project Nigeria, for not matter how badly this country treats us, we must find a way to fix it for our common good.

    I speak to colleagues in electoral agencies, you and the workers you lead are the workforce that determines the calibre of leaders we produce, without you, no unscrupulous politician can steal the people’s mandate. As the next cycle of national elections draw closer, I urge you all to take decisions with the future of the nation in mind.

    As we celebrate workers’s day today, let us all remember that we can collectively fix this nation and that we can do this by sweeping our little corners.

    Happy worker’s day dear Nigerian workers. You inspire!


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