At his prime age, his prime and ripe age of fifty eight

    There’s a Nobleman with overflowing fountain of faith

    Whose faith is firmly rooted in David’s Awesome God

    Who handed Enugu State in the Hands of Almighty God

    And became highly favored by the right hand of fate

    Who’s now in class of readymade political heavy weight

    Who’s no other than the right Son Papa David Ugwuanyi

    His Excellency the Very Right Honorable Lawrence Ifeanyi.

    The Nobleman whom they nicknamed The Gburus

    The greatest of all our past, present Political Gurus

    The White Lion who tore all our troubles into pieces

    The White Loin who always love and embrace peace

    The man who killed fear, rancor and all its bitterness

    The man who enthroned safety, joy and true happiness

    The man whose sole interest is in our economic wellbeing

    Discriminates not against race or religion of any human being

    The man who gives living hope to the hopeless and have-nots

    The man who supports the bodily enfeebled who got no guts

    Brought basic necessities of life within every one’s reach

    Closed the division between the poor masses and the rich

    A man who is interested distributing fairness and equality

    A man who respects, commands natural justice and equity

    None other than whom they nicknamed Gburusthe Guru.

    Gburugwuru is someone who’s everywhere, right round

    Gburugburu means revolving round an orbit on ground

    Gburugburu is like the shining Sun up above the sky

    The Sun at which all planets revolve no matter how high

    Gburugburu is a household name with flaming fame

    A moving force to reckon with in National political game

    Gburugburu connotes wide acceptance right round the globe

    Gburugburu means a King enthroned right round the globe

    Gburugburu will be a King enthroned right round Nigeria’s

    Thirty six States, enthroned in all the six geopolitical Areas.

    Nigeria was about to capsize, disintegrate or go into sliding

    Nigeria is now economically, politically boiling and bleeding

    In her bleak years of terrorist’s mass butchery, years of doom,

    Nigeria’s at dawn of bright years of social order, economic boom

    As a nation with much more complex multicultural diversity

    Nigeria needs Gburu’s economic prudence and political sagacity

    He can restore our lost glory as a land flowing with milk and honey

    A land who once boasted of swimming in excess exchange, money

    Who stood, soared like eagle above nation upon tripod agronomy

    In the very old glorious days of buoyant agro bouncing economy

    Cocoa beans swam into the ocean from the shores of western region

    Groundnuts pyramids stood taller than mountains of northern region

    Palm oil soaked and watered the fertile planes of eastern region

    Gburus can bring back Nigeria’s lost viable and potent development

    Gburus can bring back Nigeria’s potent and corrupt free government.

    Nigeria’s abundance natural resources can fetch her much global relevance

    Nigeria needs a capable hand to shoot her into greatness; global dominance

    Nigeria needs social engineering, rebranding, reintegration and consolidation

    Our beloved nation needs societal reformation, refinement and transformation

    Our beloved nation needs scientific revolution and advancement in technology

    Nigeria must conquer the ocean, the moon and outer space exploration

    Nigeria must conquer hydro power, solar power and nuclear proliferation

    Nigeria needs a Servant Leader with humility, integrity, transparency, had work

    As Enugu Lion Building’s exploits can be replicated in 2023 in Abuja’s Aso Rock

    Gburugburuat ripe years of fifty nine is the Best Man for Nigeria as President.

    By Onochiengwu Obuna Esq.


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