As the activities of an eventful year wind gradually to a close, the legal community in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, felt the need to show appreciation to the young and vibrant members of the noble profession in a rather innovative way for the role they have played in making the Bar tick this year. And what could be a more fitting way to do so than to treat them to an evening of wining, dining and pulsating music at a beach party?

The evening at the Wave Beach, a section of the Elegushi Private Beach Resort in downtown Lagos, began on a slow note as arriving guests settled down to appetizers and cocktails, as well as board games such as Scrabble and Chess, etc.

NEWSWIRE Law and Events Magazine’s correspondent in Lagos reports that the event, which was put together by a team led by the immediate past Chairman of the Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Omoyemi Akangbe, gradually picked up momentum as evening became night and the party-goers felt the need to respond to the medley of contemporary Nigerian and international musical genres being dished out by the dexterous DJ, as if to match the tempo of the thundering Atlantic Ocean a few metres away.

It was not just an affair for young wigs alone – even though they were undoubtedly the center of attention and the party’s raison d’être; a number of senior lawyers and the young at heart – including such luminaries such as YC Maikyau, SAN; Ikechukwu Uwanna, the current Chairman of the Premier Bar Branch, and others.

By common consent, according to NEWSWIRE’s correspondent, it was a satisfying evening of unwinding and camaraderie, as some young wigs even took the opportunity to learn a few board game skills, as well as network amongst their professional peers.

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