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Follow Kenyan example, decide election dispute before swearing-in – Bishop 

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The Anglican Bishop of Kaduna Diocese, Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Timothy Yahaya, has asked the Nigeria judiciary to hasten up and conclude the 2023 presidential election petitions before May 29.

The cleric stated that 30 days were enough for the judiciary to dispense with all election matters while urging those saddled with such responsibilities to emulate Kenya, where a similar thing had happened on the continent.

Yahaya, who spoke to newsmen shortly after his Easter message to Nigerians in Kaduna on Sunday, noted that the speed with which the judiciary in Kenya, an African country, handled its presidential election petition matters and the subsequent declaration of the winner should be emulated by their Nigerian counterpart.


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He said, “A country like Kenya did not swear in a president; the judiciary swung into action and did away with post-election cases before the swearing-in date.

“What is wrong with Nigeria? Are we delaying because we want to collect allowances? Are we delaying because corruption has eaten everything? There is nothing difficult about this case; in less than 30 days, we can dispense with this case.

“The election was finished in February, swearing in will be by the end of May, and yet the cases have not been heard. For me, what is not in the Nigerian constitution is not in the Nigerian constitution.

“I know Nigeria is a wonderful country where there is a doctrine of necessity. How necessary is that doctrine of necessity? Now the incoming leaders should know that the game has changed in this country.

“The people are not looking for looters; they are looking for leaders. They are looking for a leader that can lead the naira from one naira to one dollar. People are looking for security so they can open their doors in the middle of the night, and other positive things.

“This is the agenda we are setting because if merit, pragmatism, and honesty are there, Nigeria will be the greatest country in the world. Without these three ingredients, we don’t have a nation.”

The bishop added that there was still hope for Nigeria to be great again.

“My Easter message to the nation this year is that there is hope. In three days, Jesus was lying in the grave as if it were not going to happen. Today, Nigeria too is going through turbulence, and it is like the greatness of Nigeria cannot be recovered, but I dare to say that not only the greatness of the past will be recovered, but the greatness will be achieved.

“There is a great deal of hope in this country. All it takes to build a great nation is in this country. And therefore we should not lose heart; we should trust and believe God,” he added.

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