First Female AG of Lagos State, First Female General Secretary of NBA, First Female Chairman of Body of Benchers, and Life Bencher Hairat Ade-Balogun, OON, Endorses Tobenna Erojikwe for NBA Presidency




    In a significant development for the Nigerian Bar Association’s upcoming leadership election, Hairat Ade-Balogun, OON, MCIARB (UK), a pioneering figure in Nigeria’s legal landscape, has endorsed Tobenna Erojikwe’s bid for the NBA presidency. Ade-Balogun, who broke ground as the first female Attorney General of Lagos State and the first female General Secretary of the NBA, conveyed her support in a compelling letter and verbal assurances to Tobenna Erojikwe.


    “It gives me immense pleasure to have the privilege of supporting your campaign to stand and succeed as the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA),” Ade-Balogun wrote, setting the tone for a heartfelt endorsement. “Your dedication to the growth and development of our profession, particularly your focus on empowering the younger generation, resonates deeply with me and aligns with the vision I have always held for our noble association.”


    Expanding on Erojikwe’s contributions, Ade-Balogun noted, “It is most desirable to have a colleague who has spent much wisdom empowering and enriching younger members of the bar to develop their potential as practitioners and thereby add value to the basic training that they have been exposed to. Your work with the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education has been nothing short of transformative, providing a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless young lawyers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.”


    Looking towards the future, Ade-Balogun expressed her confidence in Erojikwe’s potential impact: “I wish you success, as I know that your tenure will improve the knowledge and understanding of thousands of young lawyers to serve our fellow Nigerians with truth and justice. Your vision for a more inclusive, technologically adept, and globally competitive NBA is precisely what our association needs in these challenging times. I have no doubt that under your leadership, the NBA will reach new heights of excellence and relevance.”


    She concluded her endorsement with a powerful statement of support: “As someone who has witnessed the evolution of our beloved association over many decades, I can confidently say that your candidature represents a harmonious blend of respect for our rich traditions and a bold embrace of the future. You have my full support, and I believe you have the potential to lead the NBA into a new era of greatness. Good luck from all of us at the Libra Law Office.”





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