Appointment of Barr. Amaka Itegboje as Honorary Consul of Ukraine to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

She is to promote and enhance bilateral relations in trade, economy, cultural and scientific ties between Ukraine and Nigeria.

She will also support the development of international relations, the representation and perception of the interests of Ukraine and also ensure Consular protection to Ukrainian citizens and institutions.

She will promote closer relations between the two countries.

Barr.Amaka is a target driven and result oriented Lawyer with extensive experience on a broad spectrum matters in Corporate and Commercial Transactions.


2021, marks the 29th anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Nigeria. The relationships between the two countries have developed quite well in recent years and both countries have enjoyed friendly and fruitful relations. Under the framework of international relations, Ukraine considers Nigeria an important strategic partner, especially in the area of trade and investments.

Ukraine also considers Nigeria as its major partners in Africa and Nigeria considers Ukraine as its key partner in Europe and the world. The economic, trade and cultural ties between the two countries have developed for decades. Both countries have continued to invest efforts in strengthening their relations.

The willingness of Ukraine and Nigeria to deepen their relations in all spheres and wide range of mutual interests among representatives of business circles in both countries show that Ukraine-Nigeria relations will further develop with increasing economic content and Nigeria will remain one of the major partners of Ukraine in Africa.

Also, the presence of several Ukrainian companies in Nigeria shows the level of confidence Ukraine government has in Nigeria. We are very pleased to see that more and more Ukrainian companies are looking for new opportunities in Nigeria.

Ukraine is encouraging more of its companies to come to Nigeria and invest as well as establish partnerships with Nigerian companies.

Ukraine is also encouraging Nigerian companies to come to Ukraine and explore different business opportunities.


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Trade and Economic Relations: Representatives of business circles of both countries believe that the opportunities of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Nigeria are far from being exhausted. There are many areas in which Ukraine and Nigeria can move further and deepen a very close cooperation.

Powerful industrial and technological potentials of Ukraine can be very helpful to Nigeria in intensifying its industrial development, in particular, the expansion of the electric power generating facilities, aerospace and telecommunications, the development of transport system, infrastructures, food-processing industry and shipbuilding industry.

In considering the interest of Nigerian towards industrial and technological opportunities of Ukraine, Ukrainian companies can effectively participate in implementation of various projects such as the development of gas transport system in Nigeria, participation in the construction of the main Trans-Sahara pipeline and other gas pipelines; exploration and mining of coal, iron ore and other industrial minerals; increasing the volume of electricity generation and development of electricity network in Nigeria and the reconstruction and modernization of metallurgical companies.

Also, among the promising areas of collaboration are participation in development and operation of Nigerian gas fields, marginal oil fields; modernization and construction of road and rail communication networks; range of rail and road vehicles of Ukrainian origin; Residential and Industrial construction Projects and establishment of facilities in Nigeria for processing agricultural products as well as supply of food products, garbage disposal and construction of refuse disposal plants.

Nigeria is also interested in Ukraine’s companies’ participation in the establishment of enterprises for the production of fertilizers, water treatment systems and drilling equipment.

Nigeria is also interested in the possible participation of Ukrainian heavy power engineering companies in it energy sphere. The hi-tech products of the Ukrainian engineering enterprises have successfully proved to be incredibly reliable in many countries of the world.

We understand that Nigerian government intends to make considerable investments in development of its energy sector and we want to take part in such projects.

Ukraine is rich in natural resources, particularly in mineral deposits. It has other important energy sources, such as coal, hydroelectricity and nuclear fuel raw materials.

The next fertile field of cooperation is railway building. It would also be very useful to think about erecting underground transport in multi populated and highly dense Lagos which suffers from traffic jams. There are also broad opportunities to provide big buses both micro buses of 30-50 passengers. This can be a key to solving the transport problems in Nigeria.


  • Ukraine is a state with high technologies and strong traditions in space exploration. The agency has large portfolio of rockets, engines, and satellites, docking equipment, devices and control systems. With powerful facilities in space exploration, Ukraine can make space projects of West Africa countries a reality.
  • NIGERIA is a state with well-developed market economy and powerful export capabilities. It is well known for its natural resources and provides substantial quantities of crude and other natural resources like cocoa to the world.
  • Ukraine on the other hand is also rich in natural resources and a major exporter of Agricultural produce which includes meat, milk, grain and vegetables to other countries.
  • Ukraine also provides raw materials to industrial and mining sites and holds 20 per cent of the world’s titanium deposits and has by its production capacities, become a leading player in full-cycle titanium production.
  • Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of military equipment in the world and also modernize and repairs the different kinds of military products.
  • It also has the most powerful tractor-plant in Europe. Ukrainian agricultural machinery would be very helpful in Nigeria.
  • With a highly educated Labour force, a wealth of natural resources, unique geographic location and a developed industrial base, Ukraine and Nigeria are working towards translating their resources and potentials into a competitive advantage in various sectors of the economy.

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