ESUT dirty linen in public as ex-student drags them to court for administrative incompetence.


The age-long administrative incompetence of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology has again surfaced before the public through the suit brought against the School by one of her ex-student challenging the wrongful computation of his Final Cumulative Grade Point Average. Over the years, this institution of higher learning have been popular for arrogating itself the powers to do as it likes and her students has no option but to accept whatever is meted on them. But that narrative is being challenged by this suit.

In the suit filed at the Enugu State High Court numbered as AGB/30/2022, against ESUT, the Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Dean of Law Faculty as 1st-4th Defendants, the Plaintiff is asking the Court to mandate the Defendant to recalculate and recompute the Plaintiff’s FCGPA and award the Plaintiff his correct and merited FCGPA. Prior to the suit, the Plaintiff had written the Defendant severally demanding that the error in his FCGPA be corrected. These lawful demands were rebuffed by the Defendants. Had the Defendant not committed these errors, the Plaintiff would have graduated top of his class. Rather than heed the Plaintiff’s call, the Defendant while admiting it’s administrative incompetence argued that if the error were not made, the Plaintiff would not have graduated from a different grade level. We gathered that ESUT have been notorious for misdeeds like the one that has generated this suit. In an interview we conducted among ex-students most of them regretted ever studying from an institution with such high level of administrative incompetence and negligence.

While speaking with the Plaintiff after the Court proceedings, the Plaintiff said:
“I just pity the current students of this school and the ones they are going to graduate. My interaction with this school in the course of this case have made me began to wonder why anyone could classify ESUT as an institution of higher learning. No wonder NUC rates them at the moment as the worst State University in Nigeria. In NUC 2022 rating, ESUT is the worst State University in Nigeria and from what I am seeing, it will not change very soon. When you interact with them you can see the negligence, the lack of ethics, the corruption, the disdain and neglect for students and general incompetence. A school that should be hiding it’s face in shame. Like how do you entertain this level of incompetence. You can’t teach, you can’t instill discipline, sorting here and there and yet they have no shame. A student goes through the hell you expose them in the name of education and yet you cannot at the end of the ordeal compute and award him his correct result. Even when your attention is drawn to your incompetence, you sit on your high hoarse and refuse to do what is right. For all the years these error had persisted, and the ordeal I have gone through because of it, the least expected from a responsible institution is apology, correction and compensation. Can you quantify the lost opportunities because of this incompetence and someone have not lost his or her job yet. This dirty linen shouldn’t come to public if ESUT is competently managed. But here we are, the Court will decide the matter and it will remain in the public record. We cannot keep quiet and let things like this slide, we must correct these anomalies since the school is our alma mater. It’s a shame but we cannot sit back. Listen, it’s not just about me, I mean what change can it make in my life today. The opportunities have been lost for good. The pain is there but I thank God for where he has brought me. But what about the current students of the School. If we don’t speak up, who will speak for them. Who will challenge this incompetence? Do you know that as we speak, the management has not identified or punished the officers that made this mess. That’s the problem, you cover them and brag that worse errors happen. Can you imagine? Tomorrow, the officers will do worse and be promoted. When your student speaks up, you gang up against the student. But we must speak and we must make it better. The Court will hear us and will see the disadvantages their error have caused me.
We criticize our politicians but look at what is happening in a place of learning. It’s a shame.”
At the time of this report, the papers have been served and the case fixed for hearing. Although the Defendant is yet to file any papers in court in the case. We will follow the case as it unfolds.


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By Chizoba Uzoigwe

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