Endorsement of Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN for NBA President




    I am delighted to endorse the candidacy of Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN, FCIT, for the 2024 NBA National Election. My journey with Mr. Ikwuazom began at the 2022 NBA SBL Conference, where I had the privilege of forming a friendship with this humble and inspiring legal giant.


    What stands out about Mr. Ikwuazom is his remarkable ability to bridge gaps and build relationships that transcend politics and professional hierarchies. His genuine interest in young lawyers and their development is a testament to his character and leadership.


    During his tenure as the Chairman of the NBA Lagos Branch, he became a pillar of support for young and vulnerable lawyers, ensuring their voices were heard and their interests protected.


    Mr. Ikwuazom’s dedication to mentoring and skill development has positively impacted many young lawyers, including myself. His consistent support and sponsorship of various training programs have equipped numerous legal practitioners with the tools needed to excel in their careers.


    His philosophy that “the joy of a dying father is the presence of a worthy successor” resonates deeply, reflecting his commitment to nurturing the next generation of lawyers.


    Mr. Ikwuazom has demonstrated transformative leadership in his efforts to improve the relationship between lawyers and security agencies. His interventions have led to significant positive changes, showcasing his ability to lead with vision and compassion.


    His achievements extend beyond the NBA. Mr. Ikwuazom has an impressive background, having risen through the ranks at Aluko & Oyebode, becoming an authority in Nigerian taxation, and earning recognition as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. His dual admission to the Nigerian and New York Bars further underscores his expertise and dedication to the legal profession.


    Mr. Ikwuazom’s tenure as the Chairman of the NBA Lagos Branch was marked by revolutionary changes and innovative developments.


    His leadership transformed the branch, setting new standards of excellence and professionalism. His contributions to various NBA committees highlight his commitment to the legal profession on a global scale.


    Among all the candidates, Mr. Ikwuazom stands out for his leadership acumen and antecedents. His tenure promises to bring transformative leadership that will elevate the NBA and address the pressing issues facing Nigerian lawyers.


    Mr. Ikwuazom’s approach to leadership is characterized by wisdom, humility, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His manifesto addresses the core challenges of the legal profession, offering practical solutions that promise a brighter future for all lawyers.


    In conclusion, the choice of the next NBA president is crucial for the future of our profession. I wholeheartedly support Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN, as the ideal candidate.


    His track record, vision, and leadership qualities make him the perfect fit to lead the largest bar in Africa. I urge you to join me in endorsing and voting for Mr. Ikwuazom, confident that he will bring the transformative change our profession needs.


    By: Muhammad Nazir Faruk, Esq., ACArb

    Legal Practitioner based in Kano



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