Criminals haven’t Stopped Despite my Shoot-On-Sight Order – Buhari


Buhari, speaking at the sixth regular meeting of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) on Friday, said such individuals are hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the nation.

Buhari ordered security forces to shoot anyone seen with an AK-47 in March, while also ordering a crackdown on bandits.

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Despite the president’s directive, robbers and pirates have continued their illegal acts, according to the president.

He also said even though the nation’s land borders were closed, illegal arms and other smuggled items still somehow found their way into the country.

“Some people are mercilessly against this country. We closed the borders to control the smuggling of petroleum products, and check the influx of smuggled goods, arms and ammunition,” he said.

“That was when the comptroller-general of Customs called me, saying 40 tankers laden with petrol had been impounded. I told him to sell the fuel, sell the trucks, and put the money in the treasury.

“They still brought arms and ammunition into the country, brought in rice in vehicles and motorcycles.

“I said shoot anyone found illegally with AK-47, yet they haven’t stopped. People must show consideration for their own country.”

On food security, Buhari said his administration will focus on development of irrigation facilities in the country, and also encourage more people to go into agriculture.

He noted that agriculture is a good way for the country to overcome the economic challenges confronting it.

“We need to go back to the land. Technology is doing away with petroleum, but we are lucky we have other resources — gas, vast arable land, which we are not using enough,” he said.


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