Calling on Federal Government to declare state of emergency in Anambra State over the killing of Fatima with her four Children By Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul, OOL


    The primary duty of government is to guarantee security of citizen’ lives. It is non-negotiable that every citizen of Nigeria has right to life and freedom of movement, right to life must be protected by law owing to the fact that without it; it’s impossible to enjoy the other rights.

    It is really sad and unfortunate that Indigenous People of Biafra have been killing people in Anambra and other states of the southeast in the name of agitation. We received a sad news that a pregnant woman known as Fatima was killed together with her four kids at Isulo, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra state by IPOB, it is truly a barbaric and dehumanising act, the federal government should take a serious action on the unnecessary killing of innocence citizens in Anambra state, this is not the first time that IPOB and Unknown gunmen attacks northerners in Anambra state.

    Last two weeks there was a report that the trailer of Dangote carrying cement was burnt down and the drivers were killed in the same Anambra state and nothing happen to the perpetrators of the act, this is serious and we cannot tolerate.

    Governments have a duty to ensure that a person’s freedom of movement is not unduly restricted by others, freedom of movement means: “people must be able to move freely and choose a place of residence within a country without restrictions”. Igbos in the northern part of the country are moving freely without any trepidation, we are giving indigene letter to the Igbos in the north to attend school and gain work, if people of Anambra state can’t do so to Hausa people living in their state, then, they should not kill them. If you doubt me, you can come to Kano state and see or get the phone number of Igbo people living in Kano and other states of the northern Nigeria to hear from them.

    The federal government should know that every citizen of Nigeria has the inherent right to life and this right should be protected by the law, no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his right to life. Therefore, it is time for the federal government to declare state of emergency in Anambra state to protect the life and property of the citizen.

    Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul
    LL.B IV, Bayero University, Kano


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