Buhari Yields to Pressure and Asks for US Assistance in Combating Insecurity.


President Muhammadu Buhari seems to have heeded some Nigerians’ advice to seek foreign assistance in containing the country’s growing tide of bandit and terrorist killings and kidnappings.

He advised the US to reconsider relocating US Africa Command (AFRICOM) from Stuttgart, Germany, to Africa, where it will be closer to the Theater of Operations.

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He also urged the international community to assist Nigeria and the sub-region in addressing the region’s rising security problems in order to prevent them from spreading to neighboring countries.

According to a statement from President Buhari’s media aide Femi Adesina, President Buhari made the proposal in a virtual meeting with US Secretary of State Mr. Anthony Blinken.

He believes that AFRICOM, which collaborates with countries to combat transnational threats, should be moved to Africa in order to bolster ongoing attempts to address the continent’s deteriorating security situation.

“The security issues in Nigeria continue to worry us, and they are exacerbated by complex negative pressures exerted in the Sahel, Central and West Africa, as well as the Lake Chad Region.

“In this regard, and with the growing security problems in West and Central Africa, the Gulf of Guinea, the Lake Chad region, and the Sahel weighing heavily on Africa, it highlights the need for the United States to consider relocating AFRICOM Headquarters from Stuttgart, Germany to Africa and near the Theater of Operations,” he said.

Nigeria, according to the president, is willing to collaborate with friends and strategic allies to ensure better stability for everyone.

President Buhari congratulated Blinken on his nomination by President Joe Biden and praised the United States for its vote to repeal the immigration limit known as the “Muslim ban,” as well as its re-admission to the World Health Organization.

“Nigeria places a high value on its ties with the United States.
Let me express my gratitude to President Joe Biden in this regard for his far-reaching decision to repeal the immigration restriction known as the “Muslim ban” on travel and visas for people mostly from Muslim countries and African countries, including Nigeria.

“I would want to congratulate the United States on re-joining the WHO and the Paris Climate Agreement.
The United States’ leadership in these two organizations is critical to the international community.

“This action is a demonstration of the United States’ commitment in championing and supporting international organisations with the aim to build a better world for all,’’ he added.

President Buhari stated that Nigeria remains committed to supporting global attempts to limit global warming and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, as enshrined in the Paris Climate Agreement.

According to the president, President Biden’s convening of the Climate Change Summit last week was a clear sign of the United States’ revived participation in the Paris Agreement.

“I’d like to extend our best wishes to President Joe Biden and his administration.
May I also thank you for organizing this conference, which I am sure, considering your history and current status, you can use to strengthen our two countries established bilateral ties, “the president said”

The US Secretary of State said he was pleased to make Nigeria part of his “first virtual visit to Africa,” noting that Nigeria and the US share a lot of bilateral issues.

He added that he would be delighted to build on the foundation that was laid between the two countries over 60 years ago, disclosing that areas of discussion with Nigeria would include “how to build our economies back after the COVID-19 pandemic, security for vulnerable communities, and climate issues.”


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