BOSAN: A new power group within the Legal Profession- #hardtalkwithBayo


The Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria is a body that has existed for quite sometime but you wouldn’t know unless you pay a little more attention to the legal profession league which has just a few players and not many “teams”. Before I proceed let me explain what I mean by “teams” within this profession.

The NBA national is obviously the apex team and has dominated the legal profession league for many decades. Other teams include the Body of Benchers, BOSAN, SBL (most influential of all the NBA foras) and a new team is coming up called the Body of NBA vice chairmen… believe it or not but these vice chairmen are gaining ground. Other teams include the different regional/ethic groups and the religious groups… Let’s not forget the young lawyers.

Three of these teams play in the major league; namely NBA National, BoB and BOSAN (the subject of analysis)

BOSAN now has a sit at the table, giving valedictory speeches and engaging in NBA politics to the extent that having a non-SAN as a president has become a scary thought.

But let’s ask the tough questions. What exactly is BOSAN’s role within the legal profession apart from the obvious (which I won’t bother to mention). A review of it’s leadership structure is in itself a troubling concept. I mean the eldest SAN is the leader? and the AGF is the automatic Chairman or President?… Makes me wonder and in fact, explains why BOSAN doesn’t seem to make any identifiable impact on the Legal Profession as a whole. So why then does this body exist? For what purpose and for whose benefit?

While one may argue that that more teams we have playing in the League of the Legal Profession, the merrier but in this case, we seem to have a serious draw back where the power play amongst these powerful groups has led to nothing but a disintegration of our legal profession as we know it.

Speak to any lawyer below 15 years post call and you can glean into the extent of the rot that has eaten deep into the fabric of our noble profession.

My Challenge to BOSAN
I make bold to challenge BOSAN as a group to seriously consider it’s position within the legal profession.

BOSAN can influence many things and can accomplish many things under it’s structure.

As BOSAN you can sponsor seminars and training of lawyers and judges, support state judiciaries to improve on their physical and technological infrastructures by donating equipments and other nonfinancial legacies.

BOSAN can ensure that appointments to the Bench is based on merit and it’s transparent. Otherwise why would anyone apply to the silk if you are just going to flaunt the title and wear special clothing in a dysfunctional court room.

I know some will say why this can’t be done but nothing changes without making the bold moves. Unfortunately we may not have the leadership required to make these changes and that’s the PROBLEM!

Hard Talk With
Bayo Akinlade Esq


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