Before They Clone Your Phone – By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Douglas Ogbankwa, Esq.

Before They Clone Your Phone – By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

The evolvment of technology throws up a challenge of Data Protection. Your Mobile Phone is ultra private and you should be careful how you let it out of your hand, else your phone will be cloned and you will become the Clonee, while the person who cloned your phone is the Cloner.

Every thing about your phone will be duplicated electronically and they will know where you live, where you go to, what you do, your business transactions and your private affairs.

Some times, the Cloner is the enemy within, the man or woman that wakes up by your side every morning-your spouse. If you had a husband or wife that searches your phone and he or she does not search any more, chances is that he or she may have cloned your phone. So, while you are sleeping, he or she is looking at his or her phone but downloading your content and knows an awful lot about your activities.

Do not leave your phone in any security post when you visit a security agency. Leave it in your car or your office. If you are a person of interest, your phone may be cloned.

When you buy a new phone, desist from writing your IMEI number on the receipt. If you did that you can be vulnerable, if you had dubious vendors. Also do not buy your phone from a single vendor, change your phone vendors, from time to time, to avoid data vulnerability.

Do not leave your phone behind with repairers. Infact, if you were a high net person do not even take phones for repairs, simply purchase another one.

Do not leave your phone in the hands of another person for any reason, if it is a person so close you are to monitor your phone, because doing so, ensures your data security. If they wanted to make a call, offer them call cards.

When you buy a new phone, leave the pack in the Office or keep away it very far from those who will be interested in executing what I call spousal cloning.

If your phone is cloned, simply change the phone and the cloning fails.

As an addendum, NEVER PUT ON YOUR LOCATION on your phone, for any reason.Let your location always be off. Also check whether your phone has been tapped by dialing *#61# and if it shows call forwarding, sms forwarding, data forwarding, etc, it means your phone has been tapped. To disable the tapping simply dial ##002#.

Do not Charge your phone in public places, it could be compromised! If you lost your phone report to the police immediately, before it is used for a crime that will implicate you.

So are you a Cloner or a Clonee?

This is not a joke! Evaluate your phone.

About the Author.

Douglas Ogbankwa,is a Benin Based Lawyer and Public Affairs Analyst.


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