Bauchi gov urges freed inmates to avoid crime


Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has advised the 96 freed inmates not to terrorise the people of the state with criminality.

The governor offered the advice in Bauchi on Friday while granting executive pardons to the inmates according to the exercise of his constitutional powers of Prerogative of Mercy.

Mohammed said the decision to pardon the inmates was informed by a careful review of their records by the Committee of the Prerogative of Mercy.

It confirmed the inmates’ remorse for their misdeeds and their determination to become good citizens.

Mohammed explained that he only pardoned convicts who were unable to pay fines or compensation during prosecution.

He said he deliberately declined to pardon convicts of capital offences to discourage others from committing such offences.

“I will like to implore the pardoned persons to henceforth, be law-abiding citizens and engage in legitimate endeavours,” he advised.

The governor urged them to take advantage of the various empowerment windows provided by the administration to become self-reliant and useful to themselves and the larger society.

“Accordingly, because of the situation in the country, each of the pardoned persons would receive N100,000 and I implore you to make good use of the money.

“This money is not from my pocket, it’s from the state coffers. It is the people of Bauchi State who have extended this good gesture to you. Use it correctly and please, don’t terrorise them with criminality.

“Try and be useful citizens. We believe because of the auspiciousness of this month, you will definitely come back and be better than what you were before,” he said.

Mohammed also called on the state’s Chief Judge to prevail on judges, especially those of the lower courts to be wary of remanding persons at the correctional centres for simple and mundane offences or even purely civil cases like matrimonial matters.

Earlier, the State Commissioner for Justice, Mr Hassan EI-Yakub said the governor had earmarked and approved N7 million for the payment of fines and compensation for those convicts whose sentences involved the payment of fines and compensation.

El-Yakub, also the Attorney-General of the state, added that  the governor equally released N13 million as palliatives and transport money for the 96 inmates

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