Are you the father of that child?


A few years ago, I highlighted the case of a father, who discovered after over 20 years of marriage, that the four off-springs of the marriage were not his. He was then in the process of taking a second wife. Unfortunately, the second wife couldn’t get pregnant right away. Tests later proved that the man’s sperms were dead.

Not too long ago, in far away America, Lee Gabelman nearly went out of his mind when DNA tests proved that his two children by his wife were actually his cousins!

According to the news report, Tammy and Lee met as teenagers: she was seventeen and he was eighteen. “We were happy”, he recalled.“Everything was wrapped round my kids. I couldn’t wait to get home in the evening. The first thing I wanted to do was see them.

”Unfortunately, the relationship hit murky waters and Lee filed for divorce. That was when all hell was let loose! Tammy wanted the children of the marriage because they were not Lee’s. They belong to his cousins!

She had thrown the issue at me before”, Lee went on. “But I just blew it off. I thought she was playing games, trying to hurt my feelings. Then, out of the blue, she moved in with my cousin and said she wanted me to take a paternity test to prove I wasn’t the father.“It wasn’t until then that I realized I had been married to a woman I’d never really known – total fake. I was angry and so scared. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t care what the blood test said, I was the one they loved as their father. What was going to happen to my children if the court dragged them out of my life?”

“Men are usually the ones questioning the paternity of a child”, says an expert, “women usually know the answers. In family disputes, a mother’s word is no longer enough to determine the father of her child. Across the US, men prefer to trust DNA tests when their paternity is in question. But while some win custody on the strength of the evidence, others lose all rights to the children they love…” All that is required of a DNA test are a few drops of blood or a couple of strokes of a cotton swab in the cheek lining of the father and child. If all three are tested, a positive result carries a 99.9 percentage or higher probability of accuracy.

Some high-brow hospitals in the country now offer DNA tests, just before you rush for the option, critics believe that chromosomes can never be as important as love.


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