APC chieftain, Promise Emmanuel says 2023 is for Nigerian youths


All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain, Promise Emmanuel has declared that the 2023 general elections will be dominated by Nigerian youths.

Promise Emmanuel who made the comment in an interview said the election presents an opportunity for Nigerian youths to take advantage of the fact they have the highest voters in the country.

Promise Emmanuel, the chief press secretary to the Kogi State Deputy Governor, further stated that Nigeria cannot come out of her current challenges without putting forward the boisterous energy of the youths.He said: ”2023 is for the youths. The pointers are very clear. For instance, how can the demographic that is about 4% of our voter population by the ruling class?

”Take a look at the ongoing Independent Electoral Commission’s registration:”As at the 12th week of the registration which ended in August, cumulative figures for the CVR exercise from inception showed that the number of fresh online pre-registrants stood at 3,165,189, while 1,457,766 Nigerians applied for voter transfer, replacement of PVCs and update of their voter information records.

”Completed registrations stood at 1,081,947 voters. Youths between the ages of 18 and 34 still constituted the majority with 771,770 (71.33%) completed registration. In terms of occupation, students formed the largest category with 439,608 (40.63%). On gender distribution, 555,872 (51.38%) were male and 526,075 (48.62%) were female.”We have 71% of the awoken youths.”

He said the same available data showing the age group distribution for Online Voters’s Registration exercise by INEC revealed that 1,592, 178 youths between the ages of 18 and 34 had registered while the Middle-aged of 35 to 49 years constituted 585,802.He added that the age distribution for the elderly between the ages of 50 to 69 was 238,606, while those in the age of 70 and above were 33,062.

He continued: ”If you take an average of Presidents Nigeria have had since independence in 1999, none is 50 years, a closer relationship to the 18-35 or even 35-50 years. We have those who are tired, ruling the nation.

”Nigeria cannot come out of her current challenges without putting forward the boisterous energy of the youths who make up what we call a great country.

”After the #Endsars movement, they seem to be a psychological yearning that is silent but deep tilting towards the craving for youthful leaders across various ladders of social and political responsibilities.

”For me, as a young person in Government, I have felt the impact. I was able to understand the largest youth demography in engagement and social impact, along with the constitutional obligations of my job.

‘My personal assistant is below 30 years as I am 30 years of age. A younger President would mean, the larger population of the Nigerian demography getting engaged for different roles.

”This window is a sensitive one, we cannot lose it. We must work on all fours as young people to ensure that in 2023, the President of this country is not above the age of 50, so as to bridge the relationship between the larger young and the old.

”When age meets capacity and competence, you can find it abundantly in Nigeria.

”When you also look at the current Nigerian Governors with that particular temperament to represent the youths in uniting the nation, securing our internal and external shores with a great balance in socio-political engineering, the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is the man that bells the cat.”


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