APC Appeal committee did not complete its job – Osun Progressives


The Osun Progressives (TOP), a caucus in the Osun Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that the information credited to the Chairman of the Ward Congress Appeal Committee for Osun State that its work has been concluded is far from the truth and cannot be substantiated.

This position was made known by Rasaq Salinsile, the Osun APC Caretaker Secretary and Vice-Chairman of TOP in a press conference on Sunday in Osogbo.Salinsile, who stood in for the Chairman, Adelowo Adebiyi, also stated that he was there at the Osun APC Secretariat on Saturday evening when gunshots caused every party member to panic and flee.

The APC Caretaker Secretary revealed that being one of the petitioners, he had waited to be called in for his petition to be heard when the sound of gunshots was heard.

He explained that when that happened, he approached the appeal committee members who told him that they will adopt all the attended and unattended petitions.Salinsile maintained that being a credible witness and with what transpired before him, no member of the committee could come out publicly to state that they have finished the assignment they were assigned to carry out.In his words, “I am saying this authoritatively and emphatically that the statement they gave out was not the true representation of what happened at the Osun APC Secretariat on Saturday.

“I was there. It was my turn for my petition to be heard. Then we heard the sounds of gunshots and everybody fled for their lives.“I had to put a call through to friends in town who put in place a rescue team for my stranded colleagues and me.”The APC caucus members also accused the appeal committee of making promises which they could not fulfil at the time of the press conference.

On the issue of the caucus members being sceptical about the outcome of the appeal committee report, he maintained that TOP has absolute confidence in the appeal committee until proven otherwise, adding that it is expected that they continue the work.The appeal committee chairman, Ambassador Obed Wadzani had announced that the job of the committee at the state party secretariat on Saturday was completed despite the crisis unleashed by some aggrieved party members.


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