AN EPITOME OF CHARACTER, CAPABILITY & COMPETENCE: Mandy Asagba Makes Strong Bid for 3rd Vice-Presidency of the NBA


    The NBA is under seige.
    At a time like this, we need a bold, strong, courageous, confident, uncompromising, resilient, audacious, yet humble, cautious and passionate patriot who can talk truth to power and walk the talk. We need a visionary and purposeful leader, who believes in the instrumentality and rule of law for social engineering and national development.

    Today, the impotence of the law is crippling our nation, so that the watchdog of the executive and the legislature have been cowed and trampled. It is time to take the lead and occupy our rightful space in order to save the Nigerian ship sailing.

    The Bar must arise and keep the Nigerian ship sailing.
    For Capability, Character and Competence, Justina Ego Amanda Demechi-Asagba Mandy is the Deal.

    VOTE MANDY ASAGBA for 3rd Vice President of the NBA.


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