I am a candidate for the office of the National Publicity Secretary of our August body.

“…the crescent moon usually shows the path the full moon is ready to tow.”

Antecedents matter. Leadership demands the dividends of the experience of service. Leadership itself is punctuated by service. To have served well is in fact to have led well. The tales of diligent service and resourcefulness trailing my path today is hinged on the dedication to duty and the result driven administration of Mr. Olumide Akpata, which I have been privileged to be part of. With humility, my complete, competent and selfless service to the NBA at large is like that band that is worn on the wrist, that needs no magnifying lens to be viewed.


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I first declared my intentions to take up the mantle of service of the NBA in the capacity of the National Publicity Secretary of the NBA in the year 2019. It has been a journey that I will always hold dear to my heart, till this day. Most remarkably humbling for me is that this journey has led me through the length and breadth of this country. While on this journey, I have been able to visit a total of 84 (eighty four) branches of the NBA in Nigeria. Something remained phenomenally spectacular in all of these, something such that beyond the elections, I will take home and treasure.

That thing is the assuring realisation that lawyers all over Nigeria have lots in common. The unionism, the comradeship, the camaraderie, and the ability for all to accommodate each other. Nothing could be more mind blowing than this, as I had thought otherwise. It was truly humbling and reassuring. I realized that lawyers have the flamed ember lights to transform and reposition this country with their spirit of unionism.

From Sokoto to Adamawa, Kaduna, Kano Kwara to Makurdi, to Borno, Jos to Okitipupa, to Osun, then to Iwo, Enugu, Owerri to Maiduguri, to the south-south region of Effurun, Yenogoa, Warri, Asaba, to the South-Western region of Lagos, then to Abuja, Port-harcourt, then Calabar, Ikot-Ekpene, Uyo, and, the list goes on. From my visits to various branches, I make bold to say that there is indeed a cordless string of love and oneness binding us all together as bar men despite our numerous differences and culture, we have remained United in diversity.

This shows that the current leadership of the NBA, which I have been privileged to be part of have indeed pivoted the reins of the polity to embrace love and unity. I am proud of what these crop of progressively minded leaders have put in place, and my earnest desire is to solidify and then take these goals to a greater dimension through churning out of positive public perspectives of the NBA.

My service as the Special Assistant to the NBA President on Branch Coordination these past two years has equally equipped me with the basic knowledge of the strengths and challenges of our branches.

I am rendering myself to serve unreservedly, and it is most exciting to me as I look forward to serving the people I love. At the risk of repetition, I say it without mincing words that I am not a politician. I do not as a matter of fact yield to, or belong to any secular political party. And when I say this, it is with all sense of responsibility and reference to the fact that for over 20 (twenty) years of my life hitherto becoming a lawyer, I have been in the broadcast media. I have been a TV Presenter. I have been a Radio Presenter. I have also been a scriptwriter, amongst other roles. These roles require a non partisan approach for effective communication devoid of conscious and unconscious bias. My only political party has therefore remained the Nigerian Bar Association. In this body, I have found peace and solace. Therein I see family, the greatest indication for continuous sterling service.

My take and my pledge is to continue to render selfless and unreserved service to the Nigerian Bar Association. My take and my pledge is to painstakingly see to the transformation of the publicity hub of the Nigerian Bar Association. My take and my pledge is to build on the existing structure of the Publicity Secretariat of the Nigerian Bar Association.

I am poised towards innovation, creativity and astounding uniqueness in the dissemination of information. Let it be known to the four corners of the NBA, that I am all ready and fully equipped with skills and materials to swing into action, to bring to bear on the 21st century glorious Bar, a 21st Century technologically driven Publicity wing. Let it be known to all, that I am practically resolved to build more on, and sustain the now progressively positive image of the NBA. Further, that I intend to create an authentic memory database, that every information about our dear NBA shall be accessible to all and sundry with ease.

It is my hope and prayer, that you all, well meaning and progressive leaders and dear friends, will join me in building the NBA of our dreams, by voting me as the next Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Long live the Nigerian Bar Association.

Ogaga Emoghwanre, AICMC.
Candidate for Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association.

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