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A Must Read ! Safeguarding your Whatssap Account against Hackers . By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

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It is now a common feature among scammers to call on the phone, some one in a Group to compromise the WhatsApp Account of that Person ,for purpose of perpetrating scam .

You have to be very careful and smart when you receive such calls . NEVER ALLOW THEM TO TALK TOO LONG WITH YOU.END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY.

When you are in a Whatssap Group and you see some one’s security code change,it most likely means that his or her Whatssap Number has just been hacked by scammers .You should reach out to the person privately (by a phone call ) to ascertain whether or not he or she actually changed his or her Whatssap Number’s Security Code.

If the answer is in the negative,remove him or her immediately from the Whatssap Group, until he or she secures his or her Platform. This is for the Safety of all other Members on the Group.If your WhatsApp account is hacked ,you should delete your WhatsApp Account immediately and you download another ,while imputing your 6 digit security code, known to only you to secure your account.

This is the manner of the WhatsApp Fraud :


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They will call a name you are familiar with on the WhatsApp Group and claim to be the one .They will tell you :

We are a holding a WhatsApp Meeting in our WhatsApp Group by 6pm today ,I want to send you an access code

Once they send you the code , don’t ever you read the code to them,once you do so,they have a soft ware that remotely inputs the code on your WhatsApp Account,while you are reading it to them.It is worse ,when you do not have a security code .
When you do not have a security code on your WhatsApp Account,it can be easily hacked .
That means the hacker could substitute your Whatssap Number with his ,by asking you to put a security code in your WhatsApp Account or remotely doing so himself,while you are reading same to him.Then the person will begin to send scam messages to all the WhatsApp Groups you belong to and he can even access other Members’ Whatssap Numbers ,with out security features and also for the purpose of sending scam messages and fake news . Imagine you belonging to 20 WhatsApp Groups ,you have just given the scammer access to about 5000 people to scam!

You will no longer have control over your WhatsApp Account and scammer will be using your WhatsApp as if you were the one using it.
The Hacker can also send private chats to your loved ones, asking for help or requesting for money ,as if you are the one requesting for same. The victim in this scenario , may have compromised his or her Whatssap Account,by inputing the code the hacker gave to him or her on his or her security feature ,which the person if not smart will now use in helping the hacker hack his Whatssap Account ,then , he or she will no longer have control over the Whatssap Account.

The Hacker can also use your Account to spread fake news that may have national security implications and put you in jeopardy or in legal harm’s way .Admins. of Whatssap Groups should always check their
Groups intermittently , to ascertain the security and sanctity of same or they can be vicariously liable for any criminality perpetuated by hackers on their group according to the Cyber Crime Act ,the extant Law that regulates Cyber Activities in Nigeria.

In this light ,do not respond to messages for you to imput a code in your whatssap account security feature or reveal your security code to any one .Do not also respond to reading any security code to any other .Tell them ,I will verify!

When You start seeing bogus investments plans with credit alert extracts in your WhatsApp Group,that means a hacker has hacked a Member’s Whatssap Account and the Whassap Account must be removed immediately by the Admin.
If your Account had been hacked ,google the Contact details of Whatssap Inc. in American and report same and they will help you retrieve your Account.Better still delete your WhatsApp Account immediately ,download another and secure same by imputing your 6 digit security code .

In view of this development,I strongly admonish you follow the following procedure to secure your Whatssap Account:

Go to the icons on the right hand side of your Whatssap Home page ;

Then select settings on your WhatsApp Icons and Click on Account.

Click on the Two step verification prompt and enter your pin 6 digit pin,a pin you can remember and
Confirm your pin.For Certainty of purpose,use a Pin you are used to.Better to use a syncronised but secure pin for all your online transactions.

Input your email address that is a Valid Email address and then
Confirm your email.

Then save, that is all.It is so simple ,
but if you do not do it ,the consequences are dire!

If someone wanted to change your whatssap number, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification process and without it the account security feature will not be activated and so the Account Will not open.

Let us be more circumspect in having conversations with complete strangers .Do not be so naive to give personal details or exchange information on personal details with a stranger,even if he said he or she is some one you know .Just tell the person ,I will verify and cut the call.Go to the WhatsApp Group to ask questions ,on the veracity or other wise of the request of the stranger .

Nigerian Hackers are very good ,you should be better in tackling them ,by reasoning faster than they do ,else you will fall for them .The consequences are gargantuan.Be very careful .

About the Author:

Douglas Ogbankwa @ douglasogbankwa@gmail.com is a Benin Based Lawyer and Writer ,who is the Convener of Social Media Influencers .

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