Every year, Mr. Osaro Eghbamien, SAN, who is the Managing Partner at the law firm of Perchstone & Graeys LP dons his sneakers and runs the grueling 42-mile distance during the Annual Access Bank Lagos Marathon.

But his exertions in this regard are not aimed at winning any trophies, accolades or prize money. Quite the contrary; his run (tagged #RUN4JUSTICE) is an exercise in self-sacrifice and a clarion call to all stakeholders in the Nigerian legal ecosystem – the objective being to draw attention to the maladministration in the Nigerian justice system.

“Hopefully one day,” he says, “I will be able to attract key stakeholders in Nigerian jurisprudence, and they would see that every lawyer has a duty to be involved in the issues of administration and delivery of justice.”

That, Mr. Osaro adds, is because the practice of law is not only about working for one’s clients, but to ensure that the overall environment is conducive. In the practice of law, he asserts, a person cannot say he is truly successful only on account of the rewards that he earns where the system is deficient, or when both the plaintiff and the defendant in a matter come away from court dissatisfied with the delivery of justice, or related service.

“Since justice is about service-delivery and value-add,” says Mr. Osaro, “each of us in practice must ask ourselves: Are we really providing services and adding value to our clients – whether in commercial practice or in the courts as barristers?”

Another takeaway from the #RUN4JUSTICE project, the learned silk says, is the inculcation of what he calls ‘The Marathoner’s Mindset.’

“A marathon,” he says, “is a metaphor for a number of things: Preparation, Tenacity and Discipline. These are all the attributes it takes to run a marathon, and they are the same attributes it takes to be successful in business or any area of human endeavor. If you have to run a marathon of 42 kilometers for instance, you would have to train for at least four weeks. But to be a champion, you will need to train for months.

At my age, having to run 42 kilometers means I have to prepare thoroughly. Preparation is key to success in life.”


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