2019 NBA Lagos Elections: Dumgbara Torbari – A Fit and Proper Counsel

Dumgbara Nda Smart Torbari
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2019 NBA Lagos Elections: Dumgbara Torbari – A Fit and Proper Counsel

Hear me, my brethren in the Temple of Justice; I insist I am the fit and proper counsel for the position of LEGAL ADVISER, NBA LAGOS Branch.

Dumgbara Nda Smart Torbari

Why? (1) My broad background in all aspects of Law coupled with my business operations expertise, are the assets I would bring to a position of Lagos Branch Legal Adviser. Coupled with my extensive contacts within and without the system constitute a potent advantage I am importing to our dear Premier Bar.

(2) I am competitive, dependable, and experienced in Legal Advisory with up to 14 years of experience at the Bar. My strength in planning and multi-tasking, reputation for strong organizational skills and high standards of work are values and contributions I will bring to Branch. It would be of note that the POS Machine in the Bar Centre today is my brain child, which the then branch Exco bought into.

(3) I would enjoy talking to colleagues in person to explore potential opportunities and how I can best serve their needs. Members would have access to call or e-mail me to arrange some of the key capabilities that I can bring to a new opportunity to the branch. Trust that I will hold this email, call and conversation in strict confidence and consult with the Exco before releasing any materials to a floor if need be.

(4) Having once occupied that office in another organization; having been a former company secretary; having been a lecturer & examiner in Law; I have been and still a consultant & external solicitor to corporate bodies/institutions; I have been head of chambers; I have a rich and colourful Law library; I now run my private practice as Principal Attorney, DIVINITY ATTORNEYS in a prime area of Lagos; etc., I have the experience.

(5) I am a friend of everybody, yet an appendage of nobody. I love the bar and the bar loves me. I have the humility of the dove, the boldness of a lion and the tenacity of an eagle even and especially in the face of storms. Nobody, not even fellow contenders for the same position questions or doubts my capacity, my audacity and my sagacity to perform

(6) Given my pedigree and composition, no reasonable tribunal, in fact not even an unreasonable tribunal will refuse my Application for the position.

Accordingly, I hereby apply for the position of LEGAL ADVISER, NBA Lagos Branch. The NBA is the most reasonable Association on the face of the earth; that is why I am confident that come June, 28th 2019, I shall be overwhelmingly voted for.

What else is left? “God is NOT raising enlargement for that office from any quarter, Neither does He have any other candidate in mind.

“I have at least 90% attendance at the Bar Monthly meetings, seminars, Law Week activities, Continuous Legal Education Programs, Bar Dinners, Annual Bar Conferences, etc.

“From call to bar till date, I have paid my practicing fee and branch dues as at when due till date.

“I keyed into the branch Insurance Scheme from inception till date.

“These and many more are the unchallengeable reasons I remain, the last man standing for the job of Legal Adviser of our Premier Bar.”

Vote Dumgbara Nda Smart Torbari for Legal Adviser, NBA Lagos Branch

For the avoidance of even a shadow of doubt, THIS IS “DNS”. The counsel of the moment.

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