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2019: Buhari too Old to Re-contest – Niger Delta Youth Leader

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One of the youth leaders in the Niger Delta region, Tiena Ako, has frowned at subtle campaign for the reelection bid of President Muhammadu Buhari. Known for his outspokenness, Ako the youth leader of Aladija community in Udu local Government Area of Delta State, said those trying to lure the president to re-contest did not wish him well. He saluted the courageous stance of the Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan, for boldly declaring her support for former vice president Atiku Abubakar, even while serving as Buhari’s minister.

In this interview, Ako said Nigeria must restructure for the country to move forward.

If President Buhari comes out in 2019 for the office of the President, will you vote for him?

I hope you are not among those that are not wishing the President well? How can Buhari vie for 2019 presidential elections? The man is very old for that office and whoever or whatever that is giving him such ambition does not like President Buhari. He was very active about 34 years ago when he was president of this country. He is now in and out of hospital due to ill health. For those of us who love him, I will advise him not to even think of it. Those who are telling him to vie for the position are his real enemies. The politician should allow that man to rest and allow the younger people to take over. How old was I in 1983 when Buhari was the military head of state? When would my own generation lead the country? The man is old enough to retire from politics.

What do you think about the recent statement credited to the Minister of Women Affairs, Haija Aisha Alhassan, to support the former vice president,  Atiku Abubakar, in 2019 election?

The minister may have considered the age, the health issues and the style of the president and decided to play the joker card at this time though still serving in the Buhari government. I don’t think she has spoken evil to the president; she may have meant well for Buhari. We need more of the type of the minister in this country to move this country forward if we want to have Nigeria as one nation.

Everybody seems to be calling for the restructuring of Nigeria. What is your take on this?

You and I know that the country is not and can never be one with the magnitude of the injustice we experience. We are different people fused together by human beings for their own selfish interest. So, if we want to tell ourselves the truth, we are three countries and many islands. However, whatever you restructure without making every state to control their resources and pay certain percentage to the centre will amount to injustice. The centre cannot be collecting revenue from some states and distribute to all other states.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development stated that herdsmen, farmers’ clashes wouldn’t end soon. What’s your comment on that?

Sometimes, I wonder if our so-called leaders do reason before they speak. The minister is another man who has enjoyed in all the government that ruled in Nigeria since 1999. I want to ask, how many herdsmen that have murdered villagers and farmers in different parts of the country are in prison for the atrocities they have committed? The herdsmen will come to your community, take over your farmland and your stream with their cow and when you challenge them, you will be attacked, maimed or killed and the government will become dumb about it. The honorable minister said that he couldn’t give us a date when the conflict will end. You first requested that every state must give up certain portion of their land for cattle rearing. Why can’t they do like others who buy or rent a shop or space to set up your factory to produce or, maybe, because this is a business of the brothers of the president? So, they are entitled to do as they please? Those cattle owners should buy land and create ranches for their cattle instead of forcing communities to relinquish their farmlands to them or risk being killed.

Why did you send an SOS to the IGP?

I sent an SOS to the Inspector General of Police because some people I suspect to be youths in my area want me dead. As a youth leader, I try to dissuade the youth from destruction of oil facilities, such as pipelines. I make them see that pollution from such destruction could harm our people. I think some of them misconstrued me and alleged that I was on the government’s side and that the Federal Government is using me to sabotage their efforts. They even claim I am on the payroll of the government. However, I don’t know if they have any other thing against me or maybe someone paid them to eliminate me for whatever reason. They invaded my house with the intention to kill me but only God knew how I escaped. They set my family house ablaze and watched as the house burnt. They have sworn to track me down wherever I am. Right now, I don’t know my next move though I have petitioned the security agencies. But honestly, I’m very afraid. I say so because after escape to Lagos, they still trailed me here and attempted to assassinate me again on September 8, 2017, along Osolo Way in Ajao Estate where they blocked my friend’s car I was driving. But for the quick intervention of a police patrol car, it would have been a different story. When they saw the police patrol vehicle, they zoomed off but have been calling me on phone and threatening that they would not give up until they eliminate me and my family.

What do you think about the quit notice Niger Delta youths gave northerners and Yoruba in the region?

I believe that quit notice came after the one issued to the Igbo, living in the North by the Arewa youth. It is very unfortunate. I am not against anybody living in any part of the country so long as you do not inflict pains and suffering on your host community. I believe if justice and equity have been the order of the day in Nigeria at all levels, we would remember that we are of different tribes in this country.

However, we are all suffering. The rich politicians are getting treatment abroad, including the president while we die because of lack of well-equipped hospitals.

The politicians send their children to schools overseas while our teachers here are on indefinite strike and our graduation date is in their hands. Even when we finally graduate, we have no jobs to employ us while their children are begged to come back to boss us. Considering these things, I believe that as the youths of this country, we must not allow ourselves to be used as thugs to rig them into leadership positions. Let us rather stand up to our rights and make them to do the right thing.



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