Yusuf Buhari Under Attack over NYSC Certificate

Yusuf Buhari receives NYSC Certificate in Aso Rock

Yusuf Buhari Under Attack over NYSC Certificate

The son of President Muhammadu Buhari, Yusuf, has come under attack over his completion of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Yusuf Buhari receives NYSC Certificate in Aso Rock

Yusuf was reported on Thursday to have completed his one year mandatory NYSC year.

Yusuf’s state of service and place of primary assignment (PPA) was never disclosed.

The viral picture of him receiving his NYSC certificate has since stirred reactions online from Nigerians.

Some questioned if Yusuf really completed the one year service and asked for the details of his Primary assignment to be disclosed to the public to verify his service year.

Others queried presentation of his NYSC discharge certificate at the Villa.

Here are some comments gathered: “The president’s family is the ‘first family’ and they are entitled to special treatments. To think Yusuf Buhari would be running around the jungle inside sun for NYSC is insane. I’m not a Buharist, I never liked him. But this is the first family of our nation, so, there’s no issue here.”

Is God not wonderful! “NYSC is a year. And Certificate is to be issued at NYSC State Secretariat. Yusuf Buhari started in October and got his certificate Yesterday.”

Maybe “NYSC is a scam, so therefore the government should please stop wasting the time and talent of Nigerian Youths with NYSC mandatory nonsense.

If people like Yusuf Buhari can collect their discharge certificate at home, why can’t others collect their own at home also?

In case Nigerians don’t remember, let me refresh your memory; “Davido was dismissed from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for breaking many rules during a 3-week orientation exercise in Lagos.

The pop star was accused of going against orders such as bringing his vehicle to the campground as well as getting involved in politics.

As a result, he gets a query from the NYSC headquarters in Abuja for the alleged misconduct.

“The NYSC was constrained to ‘dekit’ Davido for violating the rules guiding conduct and activities in the camp.

“Yusuf started NYSC around November and he’s collecting Discharge certificate in March (5months). Short service! He started NYSC in November and has passed out yesterday.”

Nigerians are indeed not surprised over “Yusuf Buhari” NYSC certificate issue, because it is a “Next Level” idea. The same Mr. Integrity, President Muhammadu Buhari also received his so called WAEC in the Villa.

“It’s amazing how Yusuf Buhari, an 18C Corp member is passing out with 18A. Dude’s NYSC was rigged,” or “Inconclusive.”

Where and when was he in camp? “For those asking questions about Yusuf Buhari and NYSC; he was posted to Abuja, he camped in the Villa, he did his PPA in the Villa, he did clearance in the Villa and has now received his certificate in the Villa.

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