Yes, We Can Do It – Sabastine Anyia

Sabastine Anyia

Yes, We Can Do It

The comments I have read from some of our colleagues about this car loan project are a bit unsettling to me, and certainly will agitate those who know me intimately.
Not a few believe that it’s never possible. Others are of the view that it is achievable only by a magician, while others are asking if I’m the President.

Sabastine Anyia

This means that most of us have not studied our Constitution. A careful study of Section 3(m) of our Constitution, reveals that one of the aims and objectives of NBA is the : “Establishment of schemes for the promotion of the welfare, security and economic advancement of members of the Legal profession”

By Section 8(5)(I) of NBA Constitution 2015:The duties of Welfare Secretary shall be as follows :
i. He /she shall monitor the welfare and interest of members of the association
ii. He/She shall bring to the notice of the National Officers and the National Executive Committee any matter concerning the welfare of any member of the association whether within or outside the country with a view to protecting and preserving their rights, privileges and welfare.

iii. He /She shall be responsible for managing the programme of the association for incapacitated or aged members of the association.

iv. He/She shall be responsible for supervising the insurance and endowment programmes of the association.

v. He /She shall perform all other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the president or the National Executive Committee or the Annual General meeting. ”

The above provisions are not for formality. The question is how do we improve the welfare of our colleagues if we don’t invoke the beautiful provisions of our Constitution? I’m capable and willing to make full use of the provisions of Constitution as it concerns my office as enshrined in our Constitution.

There should be new innovations and conscious exploitation of new frontiers in our administration and /or governance. If the President does everything then what is the need of having other officers in the executive.

To me, the President is likened to the head while other officers are the functional branches; all in one body, working hard for the survival of the whole body. At the end, the President takes the glory when success is achieved, or the bashing, when the Executive fails.
When therefore, our car_loan scheme succeeds, it is the President’s success and not mine. I’m desirous to add flavour and spices in this administration to make it succeed. To put smiles on people’s faces is what will ultimately give me joy.

Yes, our colleagues who have been complaining of paying practicing fees every year without anything to show for it, will have something to celebrate.

Again, do not forget that NBA is one of the outstanding non governmental associations that is respected world over. It enjoys patronage from Government, Business institutions, Companies etc. I am confident we can leverage on our high integrity profile to make the car_loan scheme, a success.

Yes, we can do it.

“There is only one thing that make dream impossible to achieve; the fear of failure.

We shall not fail.

Give Sabastine Anyia this opportunity, and he certainly will deliver.

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