Home Commercial Law Surulere Lawyers Forum Commences 2019 Law Week with Health Walk

Surulere Lawyers Forum Commences 2019 Law Week with Health Walk


Surulere Lawyers Forum Commences 2019 Law Week with Health Walk

Surulere Lawyers Forum (SLF) is a forum of lawyers that reside or practice within Surulere axis. It also comprises of lawyers who identify with the aims and objectives of the forum.

The ‘Health Walk’ is one great initiative the Forum embarked on as part of their yearly activities to ensure that lawyers take wellness as a compulsory exercise.

Being active is a great way to get reduce the risk of a number of different illnesses. And walking has been described as the perfect exercise, and we completely agree!

As part of the programme lined up for her 2019 Law Week, lawyers of the Surulere environment who converged at the premises of the Surulere Magistrate Court, the take-off point for the walk as early as 7.00am Saturday morning, were in fitness mood for the long walk.

The Walk started as early as 8:00am from the court premises, through Bode Thomas – Animashaun – Adelabu – Masha to the terminal point at the Surulere National Stadium.

Walking as they say can help to keep your mind and your social life healthy.

In his remarks, the chairman of the Forum, Mr. Yusuff Bello, thanked members for keeping faith with the forum. He emphasized the unity of the Surulere Bar forum. He said, SLF is known for promoting the welfare and interest of its members for over 12 years of its existence.  Bello is proud that the SLF which was formed in 2006 has made remarkable achievements in bringing about increase in its membership strength and welfare programmes.

Reacting to the exercise, Bello said, “The minimum recommendation from doctors to keep your body healthy and prevent illness such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes is 150 minutes of activity a week. So you could look at that as just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week – and you can break that down into chunks of ten or fifteen minutes at a time if you like.”

“In addition, you must focus on nutrition and cultivate the habit of drinking water. Many people get lost on the amount of exercise that is needed but you need to balance your nutrition with your exercise in order to truly stay fit,” Bello concluded.

According the Gloria Egeonu, Chairman of the 2019 SLF Dinner Committee, “Walking is a normal, everyday activity – and that’s why partly we forget it’s actually exercise at all. It’s good for us. It can help us stay healthy and watch our weight. And it gives us energy (which makes us feel great). There’s really no other exercise like it.

“You don’t have to walk for a long time or at a brisk pace from day one. You can build up as you go. And it won’t be long before you start to see the benefits,” she said.

“Walking is a great form of exercise, the longer and harder you walk, the more calories you burn. But you must have the courage to start and progressively build up stamina then work towards taking on more.”

The Health Walk ensured that members participated in the sporting activity that was rounded up with an aerobic session at the National Stadium, Surulere before the long walk back to the final destination. The event witnessed a low turnout which many attributed to the economic situation of the country.

Saturday’s walk marks the opening of the Surulere Lawyers Forum Annual Law Week.

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