Sabastine U. Anyia’s Manifesto for NBA Welfare Secretary

Sabastine U. Anyia
Sabastine U. Anyia

Sabastine U. Anyia’s Manifesto for NBA Welfare Secretary

I have been in NBA for quite a while, having led a bar branch as chairman. I am aware of the yearnings and aspirations of the majority of lawyers, especially the young ones. If elected as Welfare Secretary of the NBA, I shall work with the NBA president to promote the following:

  1. Granting car loans to young lawyers and other deserving lawyers. Our profession is a noble profession. To maintain that nobility, it will be more honourable if the young lawyers and other deserving lawyers are assisted with car loans. It is an eyesore to see young lawyers jumping from one commercial motorcycle (Okada) to another with their bibs going to court. Therefore, if elected, I will strongly advocate for car loans to be given to all lawyers especially young lawyers that are willing to abide by the considerable terms, using their branch Chairman and Secretaries as sureties
Sabastine U. Anyia
Sabastine U. Anyia
  1. If elected, I will work with the president to ensure that lawyers upon payment of their practicing fee as at when due will automatically be entitled to one pack of stamp and seal. They can only pay when the pack freely given to them is finished.
  1. The world is now a global village, therefore technology has taken over. In years to come, paper report on Court judgement will become extinct. This now calls for the need to liaise with the NBA to partner with all electronic houses like Law pavilion, etc, to dispatch their officials to all branches of NBA Nationwide and register all lawyers therein to supply them online reports at a very considerable rate (however, only young lawyers may be registered for free).

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  1. I will Advocate that Junior lawyers in every Chamber should be remunerated properly depending on the location of the chambers. This will motivate them to work very hard.
  1. I will work with Mr. President to bring medical and health experts to the door step of every Chamber. Every NBA branch before their law week programme shall apply to the NBA national Head Quarters for medical experts. NBA National Head Quarters will in turn during their law week send a team of medical experts to that particular branch. The experts will conduct a medical check up on all lawyers in that branch, give them free medication, counsel them, conduct free tests on them and then give them some supplements that will keep them in tune and fit for this profession. All these should be done for free.
  1. I will advocate that medical bills for young lawyers and deserving members who are hospitalized for one terminal illness/diseases to another which treatment costs above Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000.00) should be taken care of by the Association.
  1. If elected, I will work with the NBA President to ensure that NBA sets in motion a condition that every agreement prepared by any lawyer young or old must attract 10%. With this young, lawyers will stop complaining.
  1. Advocating that conference and bar practicing fees shall be reduced for all lawyers especially young lawyers, considering the economy of the country.

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  1. NBA shall make it a point of duty that only lawyers will be allowed to register companies with CAC. This will bring jobs and employment for lawyers especially the young lawyers.
  1. I will make sure that NBA does all it takes to prevent Police Officers from prosecuting cases in court. There are so many police lawyers in every State Command who can assist in prosecuting cases. If they are not enough, lawyers should be made to prosecute cases. We cannot carry our food and give to the police who are not trained in the job and are becoming very disrespectful to our profession.
  1. Police brutality: On Police brutality, I will work closely with Mr. President to make sure that the Inspector General of Police sign a Memorandum of Understanding with NBA to ensure that any officer involved in such dastardly act with any lawyer, if found guilty shall be sacked by the Police Force. This will serve as a deterrent to others.
  1. Members of this honourable profession will see reasons why they should pay for their practice fee every year in a bid to position the bar for future greatness.

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