“Okey Ohagba Is That Breath of Fresh Air The Bar Needs Now. He Is Experienced & Innovative” – By Prince Azubuike, Esq.


“Okey Ohagba Is That Breath of Fresh Air The Bar Needs Now. He Is Experienced & Innovative” – By Prince Azubuike, Esq.

Distinguish colleagues, it is no news that few weeks from today, the Nigerian Bar Association will be electing new sets of National Leaders to pilot its affairs for the next two years.

This election period is a time for us all to reflect as an Association on the inglorious past years and look forward to what the future holds.

We therefore need a Leader at the NATIONAL SECRETARIAT that can be a rallying point for the generality of all and sundry.

What then are the qualities we should look out for in a candidate seeking the position of General Secretary ?

  1. We need a Bar man that is passionate, disciplined, resolute, and can think outside the box in confronting the challenges facing the NBA.
  2. We need a Bar man that is creative, a problem solver and a gentleman par excellence.
  3. We need a candidate that can make sacrifices for the betterment of the Bar and who is courageous enough to bring on innovative ideas that can change the face of our Secretariat and reposition NBA.
  4. We need a Bar man who is young at heart, vibrant and energetic.
  5. We need a Bar man who believes that the future of Legal Profession in Nigeria lies greatly with the wellbeing of today’s young lawyers.
  6. We need a Bar man of vast experience, who knows his onion and understands the runnings of the Secretariat.
  7. We a Bar man who is humble and elegant in service. We need a jolly good fellow.
  8. We need an innovative minded go-getter and multitasker.
  9. We need a Bar man who can bring the Secretariat closer to all Nigerian lawyers, old and young.
  10. We need a breath of fresh air at the Secretariat. The right peg in the right hole.

Distinguished colleagues, without mincing words, the stakes are high. Let us put sentiments behind us and choose a Bar man that possesses the aforementioned qualities and more.

A cursory look at the credentials and antecedents of Okey Leo Ohagba Esq over the years goes to buttress the fact that O. L. Ohagba Esq stands out as that right peg. He is tested, trusted, prepared for the job and ready to deliver at the Bar Secretariat.

I do not just support his aspiration to lead the Bar as General Secretary, I will campaign vigorously for him when the ban is lifted.

Prince Azubuike Esq
Law Lecturer and Past Secretary, NBA-YLF Degema Branch.


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