New Era: New Paradigm – Adebola Lema

Adebola Lema
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New Era: New Paradigm – Adebola Lema

Dear Learned Seniors and Colleagues,

It gladdens me to reach out to you today after the Election Committee of our Premier Branch has given contestants the nod to preach the gospel of continuing good governance for the Nigerian Bar Association-Lagos Branch once again.

Adebola Lema

As you may have heard, I, Adebola Olarotimi Lema have offered myself for service as Chairman of our great Branch at this next elections.

This is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have had cause through the years to ruminate on the affairs of the Branch even as I have also always taken pro-active and positive steps to ensure good leadership for the Branch. The consensus is that the outgoing leadership (which we endorsed at the start) has performed creditably and we wish all members of the 2017-2019 Exco well in their future endeavours.

As the baton of leadership is about to change hands in a couple of months, it is this same noble desire that the Branch be led and led right that propelled me to seek the office of Chairman and your support to do so – as I am doing right now.

My motives are purely altruistic! To lead and lead right!!

I know that character is vital to true leadership, and anyone who aspires to leadership must have it in spades. It is right to interrogate my past, juxtapose it with my present and possibly fathom what my future holds both for myself and the Bar which I aspire to lead. Max Weber, once argued that the true leader is characterised by three qualities: passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion.

As has been postulated elsewhere, Leaders must have a strong ethical backbone and an inner sense of purpose combined with sober judgement and a deep sense of responsibility. These are the qualities of leadership that I bring to the Bar: Passion, Responsibility and Empathy.

Integrity is key in leadership. Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am a man of integrity. I have kept my word to all and sundry in my time in the legal profession and at the Bar. In all this I did not discriminate between young or old, or rich or poor. I stand for equal measure and justice for all.

This is our Bar and our profession. I have managed an efficient Law Firm from my early years in legal practice for over a decade now. I have been active in the NBA since the year I was called to the bar. I was Secretary of our branch from 2014-2015. I have served in Committees of the NBA, and worked or collaborated with colleagues in the larger NBA across the country. In all this time, not one client, colleague or judicial officer I have interacted with has had cause to question my character, integrity, competence, ethical practice and keen sense of justice.

Today, I, A.O. Lema as some call me, pledge that my aspiration means a united Branch, commitment to all members of the Branch, responsive and responsible leadership, accessibility, dedication to the cause of the Branch in particular and the NBA in general. We must keep faith with the welfare of our members even as we look out for others in society.

I am willing and ready to make the sacrifice that is necessary to advance the cause of the Branch. My plans for the Branch will be placed before you in clearer and minute detail in the coming days and weeks as we prepare for the elections.

As I said when I ran for Secretary five years ago, my fidelity is to the Law and to the Lagos Bar.

Thank you.

Adebola Olarotimi Lema

Lema is a candidate for the chairmanship position in the forthcoming election of the NBA Lagos Branch 

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