Domestication of Passport Production by the Federal Govt: A Move in the Right Direction for More – By: Oluwatosin Damilola Mese, Esq

Nigerian International Passports

Domestication of Passport Production by the Federal Govt: A Move in the Right Direction for More – By: Oluwatosin Damilola Mese, Esq

The importance that countries place on their passport has become more visible in recent times. Since passport does not only represent the identity of the citizen but also an important factor affecting its access to global opportunities, ease of movement and quality of life National government of various countries prioritize how freely their citizens can travel across the globe.

Nigerian International Passports

The Federal government of Nigeria is seen to have been taking steps to align with the above reasoning/submission given the initial Federal Government’s approval of 10-year validity period for Nigerian passports see and the recent signing of MoU To Domesticate Passport Production on the 5th day of February,2019 see It will be safe to predict that should the FG make continuous and concerted effort to improve on the Nigerian passport, it will soon shares its berth with passports from UAE which is currently the world’s most powerful, according to CEOWORLD magazine’s Global Passport Ranking for 2019

followed by Singapore, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, and the Netherlands. Interestingly, the domestication of Passport Production by the FG is
not without Notable advantages including “protection of our database”&”provision of employment for Nigerians to acquire skills in passport production as well as the technological know-how in the production of high-quality passport booklets” as stated by the Minister of Interior, Lt.-Gen. Abdulraham Dambazau (retd). It is however pertinent to emphasize that as much the  previous steps taken to improve the Nigerian Passport are quite commendable, there is a pressing need for much more improvement on same if the country must leave its 180th position in the Global Passport Ranking to enable the increament in the number of Countries the Nigerian Passport can access without an advance visa. Presently, the United Arab Emirates passport can access 113 Countries without visa according to Global Passport Ranking, compiled by the CEOWORLD magazine, making it the world’s most powerful passport as against the 23 countries that the Nigerian passport can access without visa. see

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