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COVID-19: Dele Adesina, SAN – A Leader and Mentor That Cares

Olabamiji Adeyeye

COVID-19: Dele Adesina, SAN – A Leader and Mentor That Cares

I woke up this morning (Wednesday, 25th of March) with my head and mind full with thoughts of the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 virus and its effect on the world and our country in particular.

While I was still in deep thoughts, I said a short prayer for our Nation, and started to get ready for another opportunity to meet with my leader, Mentor and Father in the Legal profession. I always look forward to any opportunity to meet and hold conversations with Dele Adesina, SAN as such meetings always leave me with deeper knowledge and insights that have proven helpful in sailing my Legal ship.

As I drove into the expansive office complex of Dele Adesina SAN, one thing struck me and that was the disappearance of the usual bustle around the learned silk’s architectural masterpiece office complex and the attendant quiet around the office. Yes, because of the Pandemic, I was not expecting to see the office filled with lawyers and all other administrative and support staff but I expected to see a few lawyers and some support staff in the office with Learned silk.

As I walked into the office of Dele Adesina, SAN, I realized that all I saw was the Security Guard who also resides within the facility and the Driver of the learned silk. Walking through the reception up to the Pent floor that houses the private office of Deacon, there was nobody in sight not even the receptionist. As I entered into the office of the learned silk I was greeted with his usual smile and warmth welcome then I asked “Oga where is everybody and he responded they are in their homes self isolating”, I then responded not even your receptionist and Personal Assistant he retorted and said ‘Bamiji as he fondly calls me you know I hold my lawyers and staff dearly and cannot afford to put them at harm’s way for any reason, as a result I have instructed everybody to stay at home since the beginning of the week.

Then I smiled and remembered that the Dele Adesina, SAN that I know places a high premium on the health and well-being of everybody around him especially the lawyers.

We went ahead with our meeting and the mentoring session and trust I left with my head and note full with grater ideas and insights that will stay with me for years.

One thing is clear Dele Adesina is a true leader who does not pay lips service but acts to protect all those who work with or around him.

Get yourself a leader and mentor like Dele Adesina, SAN.


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