Continued Service to the Bar – Yemi Akangbe

Yemi Akangbe
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Continued Service to the Bar – Yemi Akangbe

Distinguished Seniors and Colleagues,

I have, this morning, submitted my application form to contest for the office of the Chairman of our prestigious Branch, the Premier Bar.

Yemi Akangbe

I am grateful to you all for the opportunity afforded me, in the last two years, to have served in the Law Week Planning Committee and to continue to serve in the Building Committee and in the CLE and Mentorship Committee of our Branch.
I appreciate the support that I have received from you so far and for all the ideas and suggestions that you have proffered on how to improve the standards of our practices. My focus is on the ‘welfare’ and ‘prosperity’ of our members and I have developed a number of achievable initiatives that are aimed at increasing social mobility of our members and expanding our knowledge base to help create the tools for successful practices. Ahead of my Manifesto, which will be published very shortly, please see below some of the ideas that I intend to put in place, with your support and concurrence, within months of being elected :

1. We will create a Career Development Center to serve as data hub and a platform for liaison between the unemployed or underemployed and potential employers. The Center will also be a repository for employment related information and will provide support for prospective law firm entrepreneurs.
2. We will enhance our CLE & Mentorship initiatives by establishing collaborations with training providers at no cost or at highly subsidized rates with a view to having our members obtain career defining certifications. We will start to digitize and preserve the content of our trainings in order that members can have access to these materials and content on an ongoing, call-off basis.
3. We will immediately set up a ‘Law Firm Mentorship’ initiative and in this regard, we have obtained firm commitments from a number of experienced Law Firms who have agreed to provide effective and strategic mentorship for up-coming Law Firms
4. We will, on a regular basis and at no cost to our members, engage Consultants who will provide guidance to members on how to optimally structure their practices.
5. We will seek to enter into a relationship with health care providers and or HMOs to enable affordable enrollment of our members into a health insurance scheme.
6. We will immediately engage the judiciary on ideas relating to a more effective and efficient delivery of services.
7. We will agree a clear agenda for our Young Lawyers Forum and provide the resources to enable the achievement of the set objectives.
8. We will establish an effective Secretariat that will engender ease of interaction between members and the branch.

My aim is simple and clear: to create platforms that will bring about the ‘Upliftment’ of our members by galvanizing the resources that are readily available to us within the branch.

Together we will continue to raise the bar at the Premier Bar.

God bless you all.

Lateef Omoyemi Akangbe

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